About Fancy Silk Store Birmingham

We have been providing fabrics for over 60 years, we are a family run business and with our dedicated staff we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We have ranges of fabrics to match whatever style, colour, texture, pattern or budget you’re looking for – and the means to find and order any kind that isn’t immediately on hand. But with a whole floor full of suitable materials, and a storage floor above packed with more, you can be confident that whatever you seek is already here and waiting.

With our huge selection and passionate staff we can ensure that you get the materials and prices that you seek. We can help you to identify what you need and what to expect, and find you exactly the right materials to suit your plans. If you can’t see what you want on display, remember that we’ve got a fourth floor loaded with further materials and brochures full of the latest lines from leading brands and manufacturers – the perfect material is always within reach, so you won’t leave disappointed.

That’s not all, we also provide a haberdashery with dyes, threads, lace and more, to help you turn your material into the product you’ve got in mind.
Come and see for yourself what makes Fancy Silk Store one of the UK’s premier fabric retailers.


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